R u f f   and   R e d d y  

Ruff and Reddy - Guia de Episodios


  • Ruff and Reddy ( Ruff and Reddy)
  • Estreno: 1957
  • Producción: 1957 Hanna-Barbera

Les ofrecemos los titulos de los episodios que se emitieron en tv. Estan todos los capítulos, en ingles original.


First Season

   1. Planet Pirates
   2. Night Flight Fright
   3. Whama Bamma Gamma Gun
   4. The Mastermind of Muni Mula
   5. The Mad Monster of Muni Mula
   6. Hocus Pocus Focus
   7. Muni Mula Mix-Up
   8. Creepy Creature Feature
   9. The Creepy Creature
  10. Surprise in the Skies
  11. Crowds in the Clouds
  12. Reddy's Rocket Rescue
  13. Rocket Ranger Danger

Second Season

   1. Pinky the Pint Sized Pachyderm
   2. Last Trip of a Ghost Ship
   3. Irate Pirate
   4. Dynamite Fright
   5. Marooned in Typhoon Lagoon
   6. Scarey Harry Safari
   7. Jungle Jitters
   8. Bungle in the Jungle
   9. Miles of Crocodiles
  10. A Creep in the Deep
  11. Hot Shot's Plot
  12. The Gloom of Doom
  13. The Trapped Trap the Trapper

Third Season

   1. Westward Ho Ho Ho
   2. A Slight Fright on a Moonlight Night
   3. Asleep While a Creep Steals Sheep
   4. Copped by a Copter
   5. The Two Terrible Twins from Texas
   6. Killer and Diller in a Chiller of a Thriller
   7. A Friend to the End
   8. Heels on Wheels
   9. The Whirly Bird Catches the Worms
  10. The Boss of Double Cross
  11. Ship Shape Sheep
  12. Rootin' Tootin' Shootin'
  13. Hot Lead for a Hot Head

Forth Season

   1. The Treasure of Doubloon Lagoon
   2. Blunder Down Under
   3. The Metal Monster Mystery
   4. The Late, Late Pieces of Eight
   5. The Goon of Doubloon Lagoon
   6. Two Dubs in a Sub
   7. Big Deal with a Small Seal
   8. A Real Keen Submarine
   9. No Hope for a Dope on a Periscope
  10. Rescue in the Deep Blue
  11. A Whale of a Tale of a Tail of a Whale
  12. Welcome Guest in a Treasure Chest
  13. Pot Shot Puts Hot Shot on a Hot Spot