Popeye el Marino - Guia de Episodios


Nacimiento: 17 de enero de 1929
Productor/creador: Max Fleischer
Primera Aparición en : El Diario Thimble Theater

Les ofrecemos los titulos de los episodios que se emitieron en tv. Estan todos los capítulos, en ingles original, se han colocado el nombre de sus animadores así como su fecha de emisión.
Popeye The Sailor
a.k.a. Betty Boop: Popeye The Sailor
Kneitel/Crandall 07/14/1933
I Yam What I Yam Kneitel/Henning 09/29/1933
Blow Me Down Bowsky/Sturm 10/27/1933
I Eats My Spinach Kneitel/Crandall 11/17/1933
Season's Greetinks Kneitel/Crandall 11/17/1933
Wild Elephinks Bowsky/Sturm 12/29/1933
Sock-A-Bye Baby Kneitel/Crandall 01/19/1934
Let's You And Him Fight Bowsky/Sturm 02/16/1934
Man On The Flying Trapeze Bowsky/Tendlar 03/16/1934
Can You Take It? Waldman/Johnson 04/27/1934
Shoein' Hosses Bowsky/Tendlar 06/01/1934
Strong To The Finich Kneitel/Crandall 06/29/1934
Shiver Me Timbers Bowsky/Sturm 07/27/1934
Axe Me Another Kneitel/Crandall 09/38/1934
A Dream Walking Kneitel/Crandall 09/26/1934
The Two Alarm Fire Bowsky/Tafuri 10/26/1934
The Dance Contest Bowsky/Tendlar 11/23/1934
We Aim To Please Bowsky/Tendlar 12/28/1934
Beware Of Barnacle Bill Bowsky/Walker 01/25/1935
Be Kind To Aminals Bowsky/Hastings 02/22/1935
Pleased To Meet Cha Bowsky/Walker 03/22/1935
The Hyp-Nut-Tist Kneitel/Crandall 04/26/1935
Choose Yer Weppins Tendlar/Germanetti 05/31/1935
For Better Or Worser Kneitel/Crandall 06/28/1935
Dizzy Divers Bowsky/Walker 07/26/1935
You Gotta Be A Footbal Hero Bowsky/Tafuri 08/31/1935
King Of The Mardi Gras Tendlar/Sturm 09/27/1935
Adventures Of Popeye various (segments) 10/25/1935
The Spinach Overture Kneitel/Crandall 12/07/1935
Vim, Vigor and Vitaliky Kneitel/Crandall 01/03/1936
A Clean Shaven Man Kneitel/Crandall 02/07/1936
Brotherly Love Kneitel/Crandall 03/06/1936
I-Ski Love-Ski You-Ski Bowsky/Germanetti 04/03/1936
Bridge Ahoy! Kneitel/Crandall 05/01/1936
What-No Spinach? Kneitel/Crandall 06/07/1936
I Wanna Be A Lifeguard Tendlar/Sturm 06/26/1936
Let's Get Movin' Bowsky/Calpini 07/24/1936
Never Kick A Woman Kneitel/Crandall 08/30/1936
Little Swee' Pea Kneitel/Henning 09/25/1936
Hold The Wire Bowsky/Calpini 10/23/1936
The Spinach Roadster Bowsky/Germanetti 10/26/1936
I'm In The Army Now Various (segments) 11/25/1936
The Paneless Window Washer Bowsky/Calpini 01/22/1937
Organ Grinder's Swing Bowsky/Calpini 02/19/1937
My Artistical Temperature Kneitel/Matthews 03/19/1937
Hospitaliky Kneitel/Henning 04/16/1937
The Twisker Pitcher Kneitel/Matthews 05/21/1937
Morning, Noon and NightClub Bowsky/Germanetti 06/18/1937
Lost And Foundry Kneitel/Matthews 07/16/1937
I Never Changes My Altitude Bowsky/Calpini 08/20/1937
I Likes Babies and Infinks Kneitel/Place 09/18/1937
The Football Toucher Downer Kneitel/Place 10/15/1937
Proteck The Weakerist Kneitel/Henning 11/19/1937
Fowl Play Tendlar/Sturm 12/17/1937
Let's Celebrake Kneitel/Henning 01/21/1938
Learn Polikeness Tendlar/Tafuri 02/18/1938
The House Builder Upper Kneitel/Matthews 03/18/1938
Big Chief Ugh-A-Mugh-Ugh Bowsky/Germanetti 04/25/1938
I Yam Love Sick Kneitel/Henning 05/29/1938
Plumbin' Is A Pipe Bowsky/Calpini 06/17/1938
The Jeep Kneitel/Place 07/15/1938
Bulldozing The Bull Bowsky/Germanetti 08/19/1938
Mutiny Ain't Nice Tendlar/Sturm 09/23/1938
Goonland Kneitel/Matthews 10/21/1938
A Date To Skate Bowsky/Calpini 11/18/1938
Cops Is Always Right Kneitel/Henning 12/30/1938
Customers Wanted Kneitel/Henning 01/27/1939
Leave Well Enough Alone Kneitel/Matthews 04/28/1939
Wotta Nitemare Bowsky/Germanetti 05/19/1939
Ghosks Is The Bunk Henning/Matthews 06/14/1939
Hello-How Am I? Henning/Matthews 07/14/1939
It's The Natural Thing To Do Henning/Matthews 07/30/1939
Never Sock A Baby Henning/Matthews 11/03/1939
Shakespearean Spinach Kneitel/Johnson 01/19/1940
Females Is Fickle Tendlar/Sturm 03/08/1940
Stealin' Ain't Honest Johnson/Endres 03/22/1940
Me Feelins Is Hurt Leffingwell/Calpini 04/12/1940
Onion Pacific Bowsky/Davis 05/24/1940
Wimmin Is A Myskery Bowsky/D'Igalo 06/07/1940
Nurse Mates Calpini/Zukor 06/20/1940
Fightin' Pals Bowsky/Bentley 07/12/1940
Doing Impossikible Stunts Johnson/Endres 08/02/1940
Wimmin Hadn't Oughta Drive Calpini/Grossman 08/16/1940
Puttin' On The Act Tendlar/Golden 08/30/1940
Popeye Meets William Tell Culhane/Eugster 09/20/1940
My Pop, My Pop Kneitel/Gillespie 10/18/1940
With Poopdeck Pappy Nolan/Hoskins 11/15/1940
Propeye Presents Eugene The Jeep Natwick/Specter 12/13/1940
Problem Pappy Waldman/Pillet 01/10/1941
Quiet! Pleeze Bowsky/Rossner 02/07/1941
Olive's Sweepstakes Ticket Gillespie/Kneitel 03/07/1941
Flies Ain't Human Johnson/Germanetti 04/04/1941
Popeye Meets Rip Van Winkle Waldman/Pillet 05/09/1941
Olive's Boithday Presink Tendlar/Golden 06/13/1941
Child Psykolojiky Nolan/Oriolo 07/11/1941
Pest Pilot Tendlar/Baron 08/08/1941
I'll Never Crow Again Calpini/Grossman 09/19/1941
The Mighty Navy Kneitel/Matthews 10/14/1941
Nix On Hypnotricks Tendlar/Wallworth 12/19/1941
Kickin' The Conga 'Round Johnson/Germanetti 01/17/1942
Blunder Below Tendlar/Walker 02/13/1942
Fleets Of Stren'th Eugster/Golden 03/13/1942
Pip-eye, Pup-eye, Poop-eye
and Peep-eye
Kneitel/Germanetti 04/10/1942
Olive Oyl And Water Don't Mix Tendlar/Kneitel 05/08/1942
Many Tanks Johnson/Endres 06/16/1942
Baby Wants A Bottleship Eugster/Oriolo 07/03/1942